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HipHop & Trap

Electronic & Pop

Music for Film

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“AuraAudio is very versatile, curious and open to everything. He can empathize with the artist and his ideas and is therefore an asset to any musical project.”

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“Always on time with a great sounding mix which never needs adjustments.

Quick and quality delivery.”

What can I do for your project?

My specialty is to produce tailored instrumental songs for you as an artist, Vlogger or your image film.

To have a reliable and experienced producer is often the missing puzzle to the next level. Music production doesn’t always have to be complex or simple.

It has to be the perfect fit to the artist`s video or whatever project it might be. You can tell if the music was particularly produced for something or not. Having your own songs and esthetics will give you an advantage over competitors who use random and generic music.

In my opinion, every artist or film needs a different and unique solution.



Music is evolving more than ever. Genres become less important and mixed up.

Nowadays, listeners don’t care so much about rules or strict stylistics. The most effective music producers are the ones able to switch styles and genres by blinking their eyes.

Producing records for many artists in different genres built the foundation you can profit from. You point me in the right direction or I can lead you.

Let’s explore new styles or make a traditional record. I’m always inspired and never get tired of old or new concepts.


Mix & Master

In addition to the actual music production, I can mix and master songs.

I have clients sending me the finished songs in stems or stereo files and I make it ready for spotify and co.

To this day, I`ve mixed and mastered over 100 songs at a fair price.

My clients come back because once we agreed to a certain sound we can easily reproduce and evolve it.

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How will we do it?

1. Let's talk

Let’s discuss the needs of your project and how we can use the music to support its main point.

Without compromise. Via email, a Skype call or in person – you decide.

2. Creation of music

Once the details have been specified, I will start working on the magic of music.

Worried about the outcome?

I send regular updates and demos to my clients to make sure we are all satisfied with the direction and progress of the music.

3. Revisions and finishing

Before handing over the finished product, we will go back and forth to finish the music after your taste.

I will adjust it according to your feedback until it is exactly what you want.

Once we are happy with it, you will get the audio exported in whatever format you wish.

Now what?

Let’s start making your music better!

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Are you shy or busy?

Drop me an email at auraaudiomusic(at)gmail.com or use this form instead:

Who is AuraAudio?

AuraAudio born as Jonas Haller is a music producer, lyricist and traveler. He has degrees in both music production and management. Growing up in a family of musicians introduced him to different music at an early age. He has played in different hiphop and pop bands.

Jonas is the founder of the independent label HiH, with 7 artists and more than 20 releases. He also led a production company for 5 years. His business admin education led to beneficial experience in the music industry which is the required structure and strategy in making things happen.


Since traveling has always been a source of inspiration and an essential part of his lifestyle, he does most of his work traveling. Thanks to nowadays equipment and technical benefits, he has been making a living from music while traveling around the world since 2015.

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