Hello Allan Mitchell!
Thanks for giving me your time!

My name is Jonas Haller, I’m a 30 year old music producer and traveler from Switzerland. 

I stranded in the Philippines on march 2020 and started working from here.

I got even more excited as I found out who I was reaching out to. 

So here we are, thanks for the opportunity, let’s have it:

The 3 Styles I do:

OldSchool / BoomBap
90s HipHop

This is the type of production I can do in my sleep. I soaked up the HipHop-Culture and practiced it for 10+ years. 

Trap / NewSchool HipHop

Things change and so do I. I love innovation and progress within music. I try to do the modern HipHop with elements of its roots and innovation.

Tailor made productions, remixes and my signature

Music is evolving more than ever. Genres become less important and mixed up.

Nowadays, listeners don’t care so much about rules or strict stylistics. The most effective music producers are the ones able to switch styles and genres by blinking their eyes.

Producing records for many artists in different genres built the foundation my current clients can profit from. 

Some more info on me

I’m the founder of an independent label, with 7 artists and more than 20 releases. I also was given the opportunity to lead a production company for 5 years. Within music I try to combine the creativity and open mind state with the work ethic I’ve ben taught in the country I was raised. I currently live in Boracay where I enjoy producing music and the island live. I reached out to you because I wanted to see if I could connect with filipino musicians and labels to create whatever music makes people stunned.



+63 906 563 3129 (GMT+8)
+41 78 616 7950 (WhatsApp)
Skype: live:jonashaller