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Jonas Haller

32 years old, son of two musicians, brother to an amazing singer, hippie child, music producer, audio engineer, and I guess an idealist 😅

I’m into veggies, traveling, and learning from other human beings.

I have produced music for 10 years, mixed music for about 6 years, and I have been a digital nomad since January 2020

Some of my favourite producers are 20Syl, RJD2, Bonobo, & Pete Rock.

The Music

Where I’m from?

- a 90’s HipHop background.

BoomBap snippet 1

BoomBap snippet 2

BoomBap snippet 3

Where I’m at?

In between old habits and the unknown future.

Since most people know me for hip-hop beats, I continue to get most inquiries for rap-instrumentals.

Whenever sketching out for me I try to break boundaries and imaginary limitations.

However I haven‘t yet released any songs with artists outside of my hiphop-rap-bubble.

a "More recent" sketch

Trap beat for client

Trap beat with samples

Tailor made

Give me a splinter and I’ll build you a palace 😆

I love working with acapellas and helping artists by turning their ideas into a song.


It inspires me a lot to hear the “sketches” and “ideas” of other people and then go from there.


I guess all that sampling made me getting used to work with some sort of source material. I can come up with my own melodies and rhytms as well but to work with someones input amazes me over and over again.

jokesson - "Traum gha" original snippet

jokesson - "Traum gha" remix snippet

Rina Hera -"I go slow" remix snippet

This is how we do it "Remix" by AudioNomads

My Situation

Producing, mixing, performing, founding a label, being a fan, encouraging other artists – Yes, I spent most of my free time since high school with music.

Lacking connections to professional producers within my bubble, I am eager to bridge this gap and connect with people who share this passion.

I’m at a point in my musical journey where I could use some guidance.
As I gear up for my next leap forward, I am actively seeking advice, constructive feedback, and, if possible, mentorship to guide me on this exciting journey.

Danke für Deine Zeit DeeVoe,  much appreciated.

Frohes neues Jahr und liebe Grüsse aus Chiang Mai Thailand, Freitag 5. Januar 2023